Study Spotlights Challenges Faced By Caregivers Of Veterans

Blog Post by Mike Brunt – Content by NPR (National Public Radio)

November 11, 2010

The National Alliance for Caregiving’s study “Caregivers of Veterans — Serving on the Homefront” offers an in-depth look at family caregivers of veterans and provides unique insights into the effects of caregiving for a veteran on the caregivers’ own health, work and home life.

These caregivers are twice as likely as others to be in their caregiving role for 10 years or longer, and they’re far more likely to be women (96 percent) compared to the national average (65 percent). They make many sacrifices to their own health and jobs to care for their loved ones. Host Michel Martin speaks with Reed Tuckson, executive vice president and chief of medical affairs for UnitedHealth Group.

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